• 25th August 2023
  • Property Management System

Drawing in customers in the hotel business is not a cakewalk. The primary reason is that there are tons of hotels in your area that offer the same facilities. The only way is to set yourself apart from others.  

With Booking Master’s Property Management System, you can track previous buyers’ behaviour. As Booking Master meticulously stores data on each new client, as a Hotelier, you can better understand which facilities to offer them in the future. Booking Master’s PMS can also form an accurate prediction of how long a guest might stay. This information also lets you perform targeted marketing. For example: if a user profile shows you an acute interest in “swimming pool”. You can advertise that specific service in your hotel.

With Booking Master’s Property Management System, room bookings get confirmed immediately after a guest completes the payment. This process is extremely smooth as there is no human interference in it.

Inventory Management is a complicated process. As soon as a room gets booked, this information must be updated to halt future bookings. However, updating the inventory is an uphill task since bookings happen through multiple channels and agents. Even a delay of a few minutes in the update can cause overbooking.

With Booking Master’s Property Management System, inventory management no longer remains a headache for you (Hotel owner) or your staff. As soon as a room is booked, it is updated in the inventory in real-time– valid for direct bookings through your hotel website as wells as other channels.

Reducing human involvement in complicated administrative processes has many benefits. It reduces the margin of human error, and it can also reduce labour costs.

Due to the losses incurred during the pandemic, hiring a new staff force is difficult. Inventory Management is one of the most challenging jobs in hotel administration. But with Booking Master’s Property Management System automation handling this aspect of hotel management, you don’t need to hire people.

Hotels never have fixed room categories. There is no restored Deluxe Room or Executive Room. The most basic room can also be transformed into a Deluxe during peak season if required.

Similarly, Hotel room prices constantly fluctuate based on demand-seasonal fluctuation rates as well as hourly fluctuation rates. Also, you have to set the base price of the rooms based on the neighboring competition.

Booking Master’s Property Management System makes this entire process extremely easy to handle.

Booking Master’s Property Management System allows you to set occupancy goals and vary your pricing according to that. Let us assume you place an occupancy range between 60-85%. If the hotel achieves that occupancy rate, the prices of the rooms shall be increased automatically by Rs 1000. On the contrary, if the occupancy rate is low, the fee shall be decreased.

Not just this, you can also offer variable discounts to different groups of people through Booking Master’s Property Management System. For instance, the single rooms remain unoccupied during the holiday season. So, providing discounts to business guests during this time is a great idea. With Booking Master’s Property Management System, you can separate these groups and offer them separate services.

With Booking Master’s Property Management System, guests can directly summon housekeeping services through the Mobile Application. As soon as they request a service, the staff member assigned to them will receive a notification. If the staff member is busy, the request will be re-routed to a backup staff.

This practice of housekeeping has several advantages. For instance, you do not need to hire someone to manage the housekeeping staff, nor do you need the front desk receptionist to suspend his work and act as a middleman. No task will remain incomplete even if the concerned staff member is busy. The job automatically passes on to the very next member who is available. The process uniformly distributes the activities and reduces the load of the staff force. In this manner, you can guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction.

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