Cloud PMS

Cloud PMS

Booking Master’s Hotel Property Management System

Your All-in-One Solution for Effortless Hotel Management

Step into a new era of hospitality management with our cutting-edge Hotel PMS system. More than just software, it transforms how hotels manage operations. This cloud-based hotel PMS automates essential tasks like check-ins, check-outs, bookings, accounting, inventory, housekeeping, and other vital day-to-day hotel operations. Boost efficiency, streamline bookings, and manage tasks effortlessly. India’s best hotel PMS system allows you to concentrate on guest service, reclaiming valuable time. Join the future of hotel operations with the most innovative property management system. Upgrade to the best Hotel PMS and redefine your hospitality success story.

Hotel operations made easy, with Booking Master’s Hotel PMS Software

Booking Master’s cloud-based Hotel PMS software is simple to use and user-friendly. Leveraging all software functionalities, the software assists hoteliers in seizing every opportunity to enhance their business revenue.


Centralized Hotel Booking System

Experience efficient reservations, enhanced guest satisfaction, real-time updates, integrated operations, and revenue optimization with our Centralized Hotel Booking System for streamlined management.

  • Effortlessly streamline reservation management.
  • Capture bookings across diverse channels seamlessly.
  • Optimize visibility on various Online Travel Agencies for a broader reach.
  • Personalize promotions based on unique guest history for enhanced engagement.

Restaurant Management System

Efficiently manage dining operations: Seamless order processing, reservations, menu customization, loyalty program management, inventory control, staff performance tracking, customer feedback integration and more.

  • Provide seamless online/mobile ordering options.
  • Optimize inventory control to minimize wastage.
  • Customize menus and track employee performance efficiently.
  • Effortlessly manage promotions and loyalty programs for enhanced customer engagement.


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Inventory Management System

Optimize supply chain with our Inventory Management System: prevent stockouts, track real-time movements, enhance supplier communication, centralize data access, and generate insightful reports for seamless Hotel operations.

  • Prevent stockouts and minimize wastage with our advanced system.
  • Track inventory movements in real-time for better control.
  • Improve communication with suppliers to ensure seamless operations.
  • Utilize centralized data for easy access and enhanced efficiency.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics for a seamless supply chain.

Point of Sale (POS) System

Revolutionize your hotel operations: Optimize transactions, maximize sales with advanced analytics, empower efficiency, and enhance guest relationships with our versatile POS system.

  • Efficiently track and manage inventory for optimal control.
  • Receive instant updates on sales for data-driven decision-making.
  • Boost sales with targeted and effective promotions.
  • Maximize restaurant revenue through seamless integration.
  • Maintain financial control by tracking both expenses and revenue.

Report and in-depth analysis

Unlock comprehensive insights with 'Booking Master,' a cloud-based hotel PMS software. Elevate your hotel operations with a suite of reports covering occupancy, housekeeping, staff management, channel management, POS, and in-depth analysis. This online hotel system empowers you with a holistic view, ensuring efficient management and strategic decision-making for a seamless guest experience.


Staff Management System

Schedule and monitor tasks, implement training, enhance communication, and ensure fair workload distribution for optimal hotel operations. This system enhances productivity, reduces costs, ensures compliance, and fosters a positive work environment.

  • Streamline workforce scheduling with efficiency.
  • Monitor employee tasks and attendance seamlessly.
  • Implement effective training management.
  • Enhance communication and simplify leave management.
  • Ensure fair workload distribution for optimal team performance.
Review Management System

Review Management System​

Enhance your online presence with our Review Management System: boost reputation, attract bookings, analyze feedback, build trust, and ensure guest loyalty.​

  • Build a stellar online reputation and attract more bookings.
  • Analyze feedback for insights into guest preferences and areas for improvement.
  • Build trust among potential guests with positive reviews.
  • Ensure repeat business and guest loyalty through effective review management.

Housekeeping Management System

Maximize efficiency with our Housekeeping Management System: optimize turnover, reduce costs, receive instant updates, boost staff productivity, and implement preventive maintenance.

  • Optimize room turnover and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Utilize resources efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Receive instant updates on room statuses for proactive management.
  • Improve staff productivity and communication with our advanced system.
  • Implement preventive maintenance and prioritize tasks based on guest arrivals, departures, and special requests for a seamless guest experience.

Guest Management System

Experience convenience at your fingertips with our guest self-service portal. Browse our restaurant menu, access the TV channel list, and discover extra facilities with exclusive deals—all seamlessly integrated into our Software. Our responsive booking engine ensures a straightforward reservation process, while Google Analytics tracking ensures continuous enhancement of your personalized stay. Welcome to effortless luxury!

  • Online Restaurant Menu
  • TV Channel List
  • Extra Amenities & Facility
  • Responsive Booking Engine
  • Simple Booking Process
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
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