• 24th September 2023
  • Revenue Management


Peak season is the best for the Hotelier as there is high demand and an influx of guests. During high season, it’s quite easy to achieve full hotel occupancy. However, the Hotel’s low season is a harsh reality of the global hospitality industry when the Hotelier has to struggle with attracting guests and reaching maximum hotel occupancy. Seasonality creates demand fluctuations that could be due to natural reasons, like temperature and climate. Also, other reasons, like holidays, economy and other factors play a role in this aspect. Unfortunately, low season has a negative impact on the Hotel’s revenue and turnover. Now, the question arises: How to increase demand outside high season

  • Use Booking Master to forecast low hotel occupancy periods with high accuracy.
  • This gives a crystal-clear picture of accounts receivable and payable during the low season. It enables the Hotelier to meet business objectives and do an overall planning.
  • Target niche markets: Focus on Millennials, backpackers and generations Z and X who travel throughout the year.
  • Make Wellness/Spiritual Travel a USP of your Hotel or Resort: Spiritual travel allows people to detach from the cacophony and get re-energized both mentally and physically.
  • Make your hotel pet-friendly, particularly during the low season as it will definitely help you attract customers who are otherwise reluctant to leave their pet during their trip.
  • Boost your occupancy rates in the low season with attractive family package deals.
  • Offer your property for corporate meetings and events during the low season.
  • Offer a coworking space for self-employed people and small businesses.
  • Create space for renting your property for weddings and other private events during the low season.
  • Focus on Geo-Targeted Marketing to increase conversions: For instance, if your hotel is situated in a coastal area, you could target potential customers from areas with high temperatures as they want to beat the summer heat.
  • Introduce new activities and offer lucrative Packages for potential guests.
  • Incentives like free drinks at the bar, welcome gifts, and huge discounts can attract customers in the low season.
  • Reduce room rates to attract price-sensitive customers.
  • Booking Master’s revenue management system can help you reach the right guests with the right offers during the low season.
  • Create engaging events for specific audiences during the low season. For instance, if you’ve decided to target retirees for a mid-week travel, you can hold an event where a local author speaks about financial planning during retirement.
  • Repeat guest promotions, event hosting, dine & and stay packages, value addition through special packages, concerts or dances, Spa packages & and retreats, complimentary airport shuttle etc. have the potential to attract guests.
  • Promote the low season as a benefit for the Guest. Highlight low room tariffs, great incentives, less crowds as unique selling points within your promotion.
  • Avail Booking Master’s Channel Management Service: The surest way to increase occupancy during the low season.
  • Temporarily increase your metasearch budget during the low season as there is a dip in occupancy at this time.
  • Increase your Google search engine ranking and optimize visibility by implementing effective SEO strategies, such as keyword usage and adherence to meta description guidelines.

In a nutshell, in order to stay ahead of competitors, you have to think outside the box during the low season. You need to consistently update and improve your Hotel’s Revenue Strategy and you can do that with Booking Master.

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