Property Management System

Property Management System

Property Management System- Making your Daily Hotel Routine Job Easy

Property Management System

For a hotel business to survive in this competitive market, two things are important- having a strong online presence with a good reservation process and delivering quality customer service. However, besides these two aspects, a hotel or a resort to maintain track of its daily administrative task, which is quite difficult unless invested in automated software. To help you with this management task, we at Booking Master bring you our Property Management System, a complete cloud-based software dedicated to hotel management.

Our extensive features in this cloud property management software were created to optimize revenue production for your hotel while streamlining operations and improving the guest experience. With our PMS, you will have complete control over every element of your property, resulting in streamlined operations and increased profitability.

What is PMS Hotel Software?

A property management system called PMS hotel software is an all-in-one software dedicated to the hospitality sector. It aids independent hotel groups and chains in efficiently running their front-end and back-end work. The cloud-based hotel PMS system automates the front office, reservations, accounting data, check-in/check-out of guests, room assignment, and other crucial daily hotel operations. Due to this, hoteliers like you can take some time to provide better service to your customers.

Buy Best PMS Management Software to make your operations handy

Booking Master offers a highly flexible property management booking system combining all major features that can boost your business and organize your daily schedule. Some of the key features that make it the best PMS management software.

Reservation Center

Our hotel PMS solution enables you to handle all reservations and bookings through a single window without sacrificing the level of service. To prevent overbooking and increase occupancy rates, it aids in maintaining a real-time, synchronized inventory. For individualized experiences, tracking and managing visitor preferences and special requests is simple.

Front Desk Operations

Use our user-friendly interface to manage guest check-ins & check-outs and room assignments efficiently. It further facilitates the registration of visitors by streamlining the folio management, payment processing, and ID verification steps. Obtain thorough guest profiles to provide personalized service and niche marketing initiatives.

Email Marketing & Scheduling

Schedule and send new service posts, promotional, and in-house emails using our PMS tool easily. You don't have to manually update your schedules and emails for marketing.

Billing and Invoicing

Use editable templates to produce correct invoices, receipts, and tax statements for guests. Furthermore, you can integrate seamlessly with your accounting programme for improved financial management. It allows you to track and manage guest folios, including room costs, supplementary services, and extras.

Integration and Scalability

Seamlessly integrate tools and systems like point of sale, customer relationship management, and property accounting. Manage and scale your daily operations with ease.

Manage Housekeeping

This cloud property management software will allow you and your backend task executives to easily handle housekeeping operations.

Experience the Power of the Property Management Booking System

Booking Master's property management booking system will allow you effortlessly manage and take care of all your bookings from a single panel. It contains several of the best hotel PMS features, like centralized guest profiles, booking & cancellation, consolidated business insights, and more. To streamline hotel operations, boost visitor satisfaction, and increase revenue, choose the best cloud property management system by us.

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