• 16th July 2023
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“A good reputation for yourself and your company is an invaluable asset not reflected in the balance sheets.”
-Li Ka-Shing
Online Reputation Management or ORM, of your Hotel/Property, is the process of managing and maintaining the
public perception of a brand/business online.
ORM can include responding to negative comments, gaining positive
reviews, and monitoring brand mentions of your Hotel/Property on various online websites.
A good reputation can help your business thrive, whereas a bad one can impact your business severely. Thus, it’s of
utmost importance that hotel owners have a mechanism in place to not only keep track of their online reputation
but develop strategies to optimize or maintain it.

What could be the impact of a poor online reputation of a Hotel/ Property?

Poor Sales Results
In today’s world, social media and online reviews can make or break a business. Negative reviews can hurt a
company’s reputation that will in turn reflect poorly on the hotel/property’s services and products.

This eventually impacts its revenue. Businesses with a
1 to 1.5-star rating on Google earned 33% less than the average business, according to a study by Womply
Breaks Customer Trust
A negative reputation can have a domino effect on businesses. It can start with one negative review, but if not
actioned timely, it can convert into many more negative reviews.

Word of mouth is a powerful social and marketing tool, and online reviews have the same potential — positive or
negative. A study by Bright Local found that 94% of consumers reported avoiding a business based on a negative
review. Moreover, 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has four or more-star ratings. And a single
additional star rating can increase revenue by 9%.

Loss of potential as well as existing customers
Negative online reputation not only changes the mind of potential customers from choosing a particular business
but it can also lead to the loss of existing customers.
It can make it difficult for hotel/property owners to attract new customers. Potential guests may be distrustful of
trying out the Hotel/Property because they fear it won’t meet their needs or expectations. This makes it harder to
attract new clients and increase sales.

Drive customers away
If a customer takes the time to write a negative review, they are clearly upset. If a Hotel/Property doesn’t respond
to this review, it could lose the customer for good and lose potential customers in the meantime. Nine out of 10
consumers use a review site before making a purchase at a business, according to review site Trustpilot’s study.

Poor employee retention and its impact on the business
One study found that the net impact of employee turnover and retention ultimately costs businesses as much as
$1 trillion dollars annually.
Poor employee retention affects an organization’s performance, productivity, culture, profitability, and customer
satisfaction in negative ways that could be detrimental to the success of business operations in the long run.

Lower Search Engine Ranking
Customers leaving bad reviews online is common, and a few bad reviews won’t have much effect on a company’s
search engine ranking. However, if there are several bad reviews and they are more prominent, it leaves a bad
impression on both potential customers and search engine results.

Google’s SEO guidelines want to place quality businesses at the top of search results, so multiple negative reviews
will drive down the rating.

Why can’t the Hotelier handle his/her own online Reputation?
And not everyone is tech-savvy which is why it is difficult to safeguard their online reputation. An expert in the field
takes a birds-eye view to manage the online reputation of your Hotel/Property.

What are the benefits of availing – Booking Master’s ORM Service?
Reputation Monitoring

“The customer’s perception is your reality.”

Booking Master’s ORM Service manages the reputation of your Hotel/Property by scrutinizing how your
Hotel/Property is being perceived and judged by the customers online. It does so by keeping track of review sites,
posting promotional content, engaging on social media, optimizing your site for Google search, and much more.

Online Reputation Repairing

Countless individuals and companies have suffered extreme damage in the seemingly uncontrollable online world
of the Internet.

Source: TripAdvisor

The quickest way to repair a damaged reputation is by working with a Reputation Management Specialist.
Booking Master’s ORM Service Software pushes back negative search results by increasing the number of positive
ones. It does so by-
 Claiming all the business profiles and responding to reviews,
 Utilizing solid SEO techniques and strategies,
 Identifying past mentions,
 Garnering positive reviews,
 Setting up alerts for future mentions,
 Creating targeted and branded content,
 Investing in paid search ads,
 Request deletion of negative information,
 Negative URL deletion requests,
 Strategically and aggressively removing negative elements and replacing them with positives,
 Creating top-notch content,
 Responding to all reviews and mentions,
 Sending out press releases and sharing content across your social media channels,
 Regular engagement to build goodwill with your target audience
 Positive Public Relations Management etc.
The more positive information we send out into the world about your business, the more chances you have to bury any negative information.

Booking Master’s ORM Service Software offers a customized solution for every client—no one-size-fits-all
approaches here.

Reputation Building
Booking Master’s ORM Service empowers you to engage with your existing, new, and potential customers.
The real-time analytic tools of Booking Master’s ORM Service Software aggregate customer feedback and helps
hotels in identifying issues and address them as the earliest. It improves processes and puts customer satisfaction
at the top of the agenda because the well-satisfied customer will bring repeat sale that counts. In a nutshell, helps
you earn their trust by building a strong online presence, and further influences their Hotel/Property booking
Booking Master’s ORM Service Software uses the following to build your property’s reputation:
 An online review strategy.
 Utilizing influencers with great online reputation
 Actively pursuing a business reputation
 Audience Sentiment Analysis,
 Social Listening
 Build Comprehensive Credibility
 Being responsive around-the-clock
 Proactively shape consumer perceptions
 Utilizing Media Technology etc.

Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis is the process of identifying competitors in your industry and researching their different
business strategies. Booking Master’s ORM Service helps you in gaining insight into their strengths, weaknesses,
differentiators, products, geography, culture, and customer reviews and marketing strategies. With competitive
analysis, you can discover where your business is doing well, where you need to improve, and which trends you
need to get ahead of. Booking Master aids helps you in doing so by:
 Analysing your competitor’s Traffic,
 Revealing rival’s organic and paid performance,
 Monitoring the website and performance of multiple competitors all at once and for actionable insights.
 Analysing competitors’ marketing mix strategies.
 Benchmarking your search ads and display creatives vs. your competitors to build successful campaigns.
 Performing a SWOT analysis.
 Guest satisfaction surveys.

Closing Remarks
The most successful companies are those that take an active say in how people think and feel about the brand. But
creating, curating, and maintaining a positive reputation for a property is no easy task and customer loyalty to a
company or brand relies more on familiarity than organic “trust.” That’s where Booking Master’s ORM Service can
prove valuable. It’s in your best interest to curate a positive reputation and make it the best it can be.

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