• 10th September 2023
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“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

― Sam Walton

So, if the end result is customer satisfaction, your business will thrive.

The first impression is the last impression

Train your staff to always greet your guests with a welcoming smile to make them feel at home. From the moment your Guests step into your Hotel, make sure that you can offer them a pleasant and approachable ambiance.

Proactive Front Desk

Your Hotel’s Front Desk represents your business. Front Desk staff should always be smiling, helpful, and proactive in nature.

Show diversity

People nowadays never settle for less. Before choosing a Hotel, they do rigorous research and comparisons among the sea of options available. Make sure that you embrace a tailored approach instead of a one-size-fits-all approach and offer them with a multitude of options that specifically caters to their taste and needs.

Booking Process needs to be as simple as possible

Simpler the Booking Process, the lesser the bounce back and the higher the Customer Retention.

Prerequisites to do so:

  • Mobile-friendly Website
  • Contactless Payments
  • Direct interaction through Phone/WhatsApp.
  • Virtual Reality Tours on your Website.
  • Include a prominent click-to-call (CTA) button.
  • Connect with guests over social media.  Your social media accounts should get linked directly to your booking engine in just a few steps.

Enhance Food Options

Food taste and offerings are the deciding factors in whether Guests would return or recommend the hotel to others. Offer an array of food and beverage choices to stay in the game.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Analyze customer profiles using Booking Master PMS and create various promotional offers for different client categories.  

Resolve problems quickly

Try to fix issues in a timely manner. If there is a delayed response to your guest’s issues/complaints it could be detrimental to your guest satisfaction level.

Feedback: Collect it and most importantly- Act on it!

Conduct mid-stay and post-stay surveys, quickly correct any issues, and prevent negative reviews before they occur.

Service Optimization

Collect and analyze guest reviews on your hotel’s facilities, amenities, and service and work on the downsides to improve customer experience. 

Maximize the use of Technology

These days, Technology has become a non-negotiable element in making guests feel safe and comfortable.

The following tools can help improve Guest Experience:  

Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi

Smart keys to access rooms

Cashless Payments

Use Booking Master’s PMS Software so that they can request service through mobile phones and tablets.

Smart TVs with NETFLIX/Amazon/Hoichoi/Hotstar Subscriptions.

Electric Kettle.

AC/Cooler etc.

Hire the Right People

Employ professional people. The staff members need to be groomed and inspired from time to time to be sensitive in recognizing the needs of guests and responding positively.  

Keep in touch

The relationship with your Guest is not over immediately after their check-out. Send regular email newsletters and promotions and build those relationships further.

Reward Guests who are loyal

Guests who visit most often and/or spend the most on your Hotel should be given offers/discounts/local tours in offerings on their repeat visits.

Predictive Personalization

Using a feature like Booking Master’s PMS, you can capture guest preference data from past visits and use it to anticipate future needs.

Some examples:

  • Game nights, and sports activities for young and teens.
  • Children’s pools, and watery activities for families.
  • Soundproof rooms and separate dining areas for older people
  • Personal workplaces for Business Travellers
  • Tour buses for backpackers
  • Party services to Guests on special days like Birthdays and Anniversaries

Cleanliness and Quality over Quantity

Routine replacement of bath towels, soap, shampoos, pillowcases, bed sheets etc.

Disinfect everywhere in your hotel.

Provide Transportation Services

Offer free or paid cabs for airports, bus terminals, and train stations.

How to stand out with your hotel design?

  • High roofs so that people don’t feel claustrophobic.
  • Eye-catching Gardens.
  • Use lighter colors in order to create a calm environment.
  • Adopt Minimalism- Provide good products and good furniture but don’t go way too far.

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