Benefits of using WhatsApp Business API in Hotel Business

  • 17th November 2023
  • Digital Marketing

Today, effective communication plays a pivotal role for successful businesses and their customers. Nowadays, guests prefer to interact with the Hotel Team effortlessly using texts, images, and emojis. Hence, Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., are the most preferred communication channels.

Hoteliers too need a quick and efficient way to communicate with their customers.

In order to satisfy Guest’s needs and build lasting customer relationships, Booking Master’s WhatsApp Messaging API is the perfect solution.

Rationale:  More than 2 billion customers from over 180 countries use WhatsApp regularly to stay connected. Clearly, WhatsApp Business API is gaining prominence.

Hotels can easily leverage WhatsApp to improve their communication with guests and drive more conversions.

Booking Master’s WhatsApp Integration Service

WhatsApp integration helps Hotels increase direct booking conversion rates by up to 112%. Hoteliers can leverage WhatsApp to drive effective guest communication and more lead conversions to generate high revenue in the Hotel Business.

Key features

✅ Improved Guest Communication

✅Automatic Greeting Message

✅Birthday and Anniversary Wishes

✅ Booking Confirmation Messages

✅ Check-in Messages

✅ Google Map Location sharing before Check-in

✅ Intercom Number, Restaurant Link, Special Dishes Messages post Check-in

✅ Sight- seeing offer Messages

The possibility of opening a WhatsApp message is 98 percent. This is five times higher than emails and SMSes. Additionally, it has a conversion rate of 45-60 percent, 12 times higher than the other two traditional communication channels. These statistics are significant and underscore the importance of leveraging WhatsApp.

Nowadays, online travel agencies (OTAs) like MakeMyTrip and have now capitalised on this trend to drive more conversions and ensure a seamless guest experience.

Benefits of Booking Master’s WhatsApp Integration Service

WhatsApp can be used to remind guests that they are coming to stay at your Hotel/Resort. You can create a seamless experience by sending them a booking confirmation on WhatsApp, which reduces the hassle of guests going through their emails to find the booking voucher.

WhatsApp is a very effective tool for capturing abandoned bookings. There are high chances of witnessing significant conversions when the Hotelier sends personalized offers or discounts to potential guests who have quit their booking journey midway.

As a Hotelier, you can drive more upsells through WhatsApp on the day of arrival. More upsells equals more revenue.

Next, you can leverage WhatsApp by requesting for guest feedback on the day of departure. These would boost your customer reviews and also provide valuable insights.


Hoteliers can make use of WhatsApp to offer exciting upselling activities and other personalized services. 

  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • Room upgrades
  • Pickup services
  • Pet fees
  • Spa and wellness services
  • Breakfast buffet

Post arrival

Using WhatsApp upselling can be leveraged during the stay to offer various products and services.

  • Attractions and event tickets
  • Club facilities
  • Private dining room
  • Extended stays
  • Renting a bike/ car
  • Spa and wellness services

Post stay

While checking out, hotels can go the extra mile to impress guests with quality feedback. Hoteliers can offer guests a cab hiring service to the airport to ensure that guests leave with the best experience and hence give high ratings.

  • Airport/city transport and transfers
  • Discount vouchers for local businesses
  • Luggage room

Closing Remarks

Upselling with WhatsApp will help the Hotelier boost revenue, build customer loyalty, and smoothen operations.  With Booking Master it becomes extremely convenient to understand customer requirements and preferences. Remember, the right way to upsell is to utilize the right techniques and understand your customers. And Booking Master’s WhatsApp API integration does play a crucial role in this.  

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