Benefits of capturing Guest Feedback and Reviews for your Hotel

  • 23rd December 2023
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If you’re seeking to take your hotel’s success to the next level, listen to your guests! Their feedback is absolutely crucial.

In business, reputation is everything! Hence, Guest feedback and hotel reviews are of immense importance for hotels.

Benefits of capturing Feedback and Reviews for your Hotel

  • Hoteliers can learn about the likes and dislikes of guests.
  • Based on customer feedback Hotels can improve the quality of their service.
  • After receiving feedback from the guests, the Hotelier can find areas in which she needs to improve and make changes accordingly.
  • Using Guest feedback as a marketing tool can be highly beneficial in attracting new guests.
  • Hoteliers can track trends over time based on Guest Feedback.
  • Using Guest feedback Hotels can identify areas where they can cut costs without compromising on the quality of their services.
  • More Positive Guest Reviews on listing websites such as Google My Business, TripAdvisor, etc., means higher the ranking of the Hotel. Higher Google Ranking leads to more bookings and more business!

Booking Master- Your key to success

To automate the guest feedback management the Hotelier can use Booking Master’s Customer Feedback Management Tool. It automates the entire process for the Hotelier and increases guest experience too. After using Booking Master’s Customer Feedback Management Tool, hotels have seen higher conversion rates.

Tips for capturing customer feedback


Offer free Wi-Fi, breakfast, free spas, and other services as an incentive to encourage reviews.

Pro-active Front Desk Staff

Encourage your Hotel’s Front Desk Staff to communicate with your guests to build a strong relationship. They need to follow up if the guests love the service or not.

Request for online reviews

Politely asks guests to review your property on TripAdvisor, Google, Instagram or Facebook. This is perhaps the most effective way to generate more reviews.

Ease the process

The Hoteliers need to make the review capture process easy and comprehensive.

Follow up

The Hotelier needs to drop a WhatsApp message or an email after the stay to get reviews. The nudge factor helps but only up to a certain point. The Hotelier needs to refrain from pushing the guests too much.


The Hotel Team needs to connect with guests on social media platforms so that it can learn about their experience and ask for feedback.

Quality assessment

Directly ask your Guests about the quality of your services. Leave no stone unturned in providing the best possible service – the key strategy for receiving the best reviews.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when the Hotelier has the right technology in place such as Booking Master, she will be able to provide her guests with the best experience possible. From the online booking to the streamlined service during their stay, Booking Master takes care of it all.

And Guest feedback is the lifeline of your Hotel business! So, Booking Master’s Customer Feedback Management Tool helps in capturing valuable feedback from guests—the best strategy to maximize bookings and boost your revenue in no time. Embrace Booking Master today! Book a demo today to explore more.

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