• 3rd November 2023
  • Channel Manager

A ‘Channel’ is a third-party website. It is often referred to as an Online Travel Agent (OTA). These third-party websites allow users to search and book Hotel Rooms and Flights. These channels get into an Agreement with the Hotelier. As per this Agreement, they charge a fee for marketing your Hotel/ Resort and processing bookings on your behalf. In return, they charge a commission that was agreed upon. This Commission is usually a fixed percentage of the booking value, typically 10-20%.

Importance of Channels

OTAs can significantly increase distribution and therefore potential Hotel bookings. OTAs like and Expedia control a huge proportion of all online hotel bookings. Even if your Hotel is a well-established brand with deep pockets, it is quite difficult to attract direct bookings through your Hotel’s Website. OTAs on the other hand, invest huge amounts of money just to attract large numbers of visitors to their websites. Since these OTAs show multiple properties visitors prefer these websites for their research as they do cross-comparisons before booking their accomodation. All you have to do as a Hotelier is to stand apart from other Hotels in this list of properties in terms of Ratings, Reviews and Services. OTAs play a major role in converting ‘lookers’ to ‘bookers’.

Decoding Channel Manager

Booking Master’s Channel Manager is a cloud-based application, that distributes your Hotel rooms, rates, and availability to all connected channels. For instance, your booking engine and OTAs.

When a customer makes a booking on any channel the channel manager updates rates and room availability across the rest of the channels automatically and on a real-time basis.

Working of the Channel Manager

When a room is booked by a channel manager pass this information in the form of Booking Data to the Hotel’s PMS i.e. Booking Master’s PMS. Once the reservation data is saved, the room is blocked. This particular information is now picked up by Booking Master’s Channel Manager who removes the room from the inventory across all channels on a real-time basis. This drastically reduces double bookings and unwanted overbookings for the hotel. At the same time, this allows the hotel to advertise its entire available inventory on all relevant portals.

Channel Managers give hotels some massive advantages. Your hotel’s reach is hugely increased through its presence on multiple platforms. This gives the Hotelier a greater opportunity of filling all the rooms. Channel managers also save an enormous amount of time and effort.

Thus, the benefits of using Booking Master’s Channel Manager are as follows:

  • Hotel Rooms can be sold online across major online channels
  • Inventory & rates are updated in real-time across multiple OTAs
  • No more manual errors
  • Minimize overbookings
  • Reduce price parity issues
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase sales capacity
  • Saves time
  • Maximize profits

Why choose Booking Master?

A channel manager could significantly boost your Hotel revenues and enhance the occupancy rate. Booking Master’s Channel Manager helps you track multiple channels from a single point. It helps you update multiple listings simultaneously through its two-way synchronization. A lot of time is lost in making adjustments to the listings one by one manually. Booking Master’s Channel Manager saves crucial time of the Hotelier that she can spend in other important things like Business Development. Double Bookings have a negative impact on Hotels’ revenue. Booking Master’s Channel Manager helps prevent overbookings and Double Bookings by updating the channels on a real-time basis. In a nutshell, Booking Master’s Channel Manager saves time and money by eliminating routine operations. Also, Booking Master’s channel manager increases the visibility of the Hotel on a national level.

Grow your Hotel Sales and Productivity with Booking Master’s Channel Manager Integration.

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