Tips to choose the right Hotel PMS for your property

  • 9th October 2023
  • Property Management System

A Modern Hotel PMS helps in improving the guest experience, makes operations more efficient, and increases profitability.

With various PMS software available in the market offering multitudes of features, it is important to choose the right PMS for your Hotel/Resort.

Here are the tips to choose the right Hotel PMS for your property:

The right PMS for your Hotel should have the right mix of the following characteristics-

  • A simple and intuitive interface.
  • A fast and secure system.
  • A responsive and helpful support team.
  • A PMS that offers training.
  • A PMS that gets updated regularly.
  • The best PMS software will include Channel Management functions.
  • A PMS with Revenue Management functionality.
  • The PMS should be able to manage Customer Loyalty Schemes.
  • The best PMS software should be able to manage housekeeping tasks effectively.
  • Your hotel management software should include Automated Report Functionality.
  • A PMS that offers personalized guest services.
  • A PMS with customizable dashboards.
  • A PMS that seamlessly integrates with other hotel systems.
  • A PMS that offers mobile compatibility.
  • PMS that syncs automatically, keeping occupancy information updated.
  • The PMS must provide various payment options.
  • A live demo and trial period from the PMS provider.
  • A PMS with other essential systems, such as POS, CRM, online hotel booking engine, and channel managers.
  • Simplified folio operations
  • Security and stability
  • A PMS that automates all your hotel critical processes, from check-in and check-outs to invoicing and chargebacks.
  • Cloud PMS software as there is only a monthly subscription fee and there are no ongoing server maintenance costs.
  • A PMS that offers as close to 100% uptime as possible.
  • A property management system that secures and encrypts your hotel’s information.
  • Reports and insights so that the Hotelier can make data-driven decisions based on operational efficiency, revenue, and performance.
  • Services like inventory management.
  • A PMS that provides Services like Hotel Reputation Management.
  • A PMS with comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Ease of use is an important factor to consider while selecting a Hotel PMS.
  • A PMS with no hidden costs involved with maintenance and upgrades over time.
  • PMS with enhanced security measures such as encryption technology, password protection etc.
  • A PMS that is actively connected to a booking engine.
  • Your Hotel PMS should provide the possibility to create multiple price lists, special offers, early booking discounts, long stay discounts etc.
  • A PMS with simplified channel management that improves your property’s visibility by directly connecting to all the major OTAs.
  • A PMS that quickly adjusts room rates on all OTAs based on demand, room class, and occupancy percentage.
  • A PMS that manages reservations easily with all reservation information available at your fingertips.
  • PMS with the provision for easy upselling and cross-selling to generate more revenue.
  • PMS with a high-converting booking engine.
  • Integration with other software, such as door locking systems, cash drawers, guest communications, or self-check-in or check-out systems.
  • PMS with Website development tools
  • PMS with Online check-in and check-out capabilities
  • PMS with Guest communications and messaging tools.
  • PMS with demand management tools to set ADR, occupancy, and revenue goals, monitor performance against goals, and automate rate changes.
  • PMS that provides daily, weekly, and monthly, along with year-over-year comparison metrics and an easy-to-read overview of your property’s progress toward reaching your goals.

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