• 6th September 2023
  • Centralised Booking

There are mainly two types of Property Management Software:

  1. The archaic locally installed PMS and
  2. The cloud-based hospitality software.


Local Property Management Systems operate where the software is installed on computers. Many Hotels are still using this type of system.  However, with the advent of cloud computing, many technologies have improved, including property management systems. Cloud-based hospitality software offers a more flexible system with a multitude of benefits.

Saves Money

Cloud-based hospitality software is cost-efficient. In the case of Traditional PMS, data needs to be stored in physical servers costs lakhs and requires a specialized IT team to install, maintain, and upgrade the system. Further, there is licensing fees and energy bills.

On the contrary, Cloud-based PMS systems eliminate all these costs. Data is no longer required to be stored in local software due to the Cloud System. A cloud service saves administration costs.

Accessible Data

In cloud-based hospitality software like Booking Master, the data is stored in the “cloud,” which is a secure network of servers. It can be accessed as long as one has an internet connection. Thus, users can access data and information anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based PMS allows the Hotelier to monitor his/her properties, monitor teams, access information, and promptly update files and login credentials that are needed to perform all these tasks.

Increased security

Traditional PMS offers few security updates. This leaves the data vulnerable to theft, power outages, physical disasters and viruses.

When the Data is stored in the cloud, it is encrypted and stored virtually behind multiple layers of security such as authentication gateways, physical security measures, and sophisticated firewalls. These security layers are frequently audited and updated to keep up with the latest security advances.

Simple backup and recovery

No need for long hours of manual back-ups. Lon using a Coud-Based Hospitality Software like Booking Master, the input data automatically syncs to the cloud. Also, the Data is easy to recover and it can be restored easily.

Also, the system can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as there is a working internet connection thereby minimizing downtime and ensuring the system is always running.

Real-time distribution

With cloud-based hotel reservations, your reservations and prices are instantly updated across all distribution channels. Automation gives hoteliers more control over their operations. Room inventory is updated end-to-end and in real time on various booking sites such as OTA, GDS, personal websites, and mobile platforms. It not only saves time and increases efficiency but also helps you manage your inventories with complete confidence.

Reduce errors

Thanks to cloud-based centralized bookings, hotels can now easily manage all products and channels through a single interface and a single platform. This helps in improving operations, reducing errors, and eliminating problems such as overbooking or overbooking. Cloud-based hotel reservation systems do not allow double booking, which makes the booking process both efficient and reliable.

Operational Excellence

Coordination between and across hotel departments is crucial to achieving efficient operations and excellent guest service. Due to cloud-based centralized bookings, the staff can quickly get information on room availability and work efficiently. Housekeeping can update which rooms are ready for occupancy, and the front desk can let you know which rooms are checked out and easily assign rooms to incoming guests. Likewise, hotel staff can manage multiple reservation processes at the same time, such as individual and/or group check-in and check-out, reservation confirmation, change, removal. After all, a simple approach allows hotel staff to focus on the guest experience and attract repeat guests.

Improves profitability

Cloud-based centralized bookings centrally manage and distribute rates across all your online/offline sales channels to increase occupancy. As a hotel owner, you can sell the inventory of all your properties centrally from the group website and Central Reservation Office (CRO) with a single sign-on access. All these will help you sell more and maximize revenue across all your properties leading to improved profitability.

Helps you know your guests better

With an efficient centralized operation, you can access guest data captured at the time of reservation at any of your hotels. For instance, you would be able to capture their full name, type (FIT or corporate), gender, nationality, contact details, and special preferences, including likes, dislikes, payment methods, and room type booked during their last stay. Knowing your customers better helps you reach out to them with a tailored approach instead of a one-size-fits-all policy. It helps you in building Customer Loyalty.  It’s crucial to take cognizance of the fact that only happy and loyal guests will come back to your hotel. Also, they will spread the good word about you on social media and hotel review platforms. The best business strategy!

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