B Master Digi

Live Review

In this feature after checks-in, guest shall be receiving a Review SMS from the very next day. By tapping on the link provided in the SMS the guest shall be able to rate and review the quality of services provided by the hotel. E.g. on quality of food, behavior of the hotel staff etc. This feature will depict the true picture of your hotel and help you evaluate it. 


Quick Check-in

In all kinds of hotel booking (except spot-booking), the respective guests shall be receiving an SMS, a number of times, on regular intervals before the check-in date. On clicking the link provided in the SMS, the guest will be redirected to a Check-in Form that can be filled to complete the formalities beforehand. On arriving, an ID proof will suffice and the guests can check-in at the hotel within 5 minutes without further ado.


Pre-Schedule SMS

Using the pre-schedule SMS feature, hoteliers would be able to share important service related information with the incumbent guests during their period of stay in the hotel. For example- “Welcome SMS” on arrival; breakfast, lunch and dinner timing details; sightseeing packages etc. On top of this, the SMS feature is a phenomenal campaigning tool that can be used to apprise all your ex-guests with various promotions, exclusive offers and special discounts throughout the year. 

Extra Facility With Rates

With this feature the hotel owner will be able to inform the guests about all its facilities including rates. And guests can book those facilities online that will help increase hotel revenue. For Example- Shaving Kit, Spa, Gym etc.