Account Management

Account Management

Account Management Software- Simplify Sales Process

Account Management

If you are running a hotel business and finding it hard to manage sales reports or get a complete overview of overall expenses, investing in account management software by Booking Master is the best. With the account management system, you can keep track of the account in real-time, and no manual work is involved. Whether you are running a single hotel or a chain of hotels, our software covers everything you need to manage your finances.

You can easily streamline your financial duties and make educated decisions thanks to clear features and security safeguards. Since account management provides a comprehensive perspective of a company’s connections, deals, and duties in one location, it is simple for sales representatives to gain more customers or business for your hotel.

Key Features of Booking Master's Account Management System

When investing in a cloud-based account manager system, you will get multiple features to simplify the accounting process. Some of the key features are-


Using the single dashboard, you will get the complete picture of transactions and the financial condition of your hotel. Moreover, you can get an insight into income, expenses, and savings.

Account tracking

Manage numerous accounts in a single location, such as credit cards, bank accounts, and investment portfolios. The tool automatically syncs with your financial institutions to guarantee accurate real-time data.

Budgetary Control

Easily create and manage budgets. Set spending caps for several categories and get notifications when you reach your maximum. By making wise financial decisions, you can reach your financial objectives.

Bill Reminders

No more late penalties and missed tariffs from guests. Our software ensures you always remember a due date by sending timely notifications of tariff payments and invoice clearance.

Email Tracking

You will get on-time notifications about the latest emails so that you can follow the leads.

Tracking Business Goals

Setting financial objectives and tracking your progress towards reaching them. Our programme helps you track whether you want to upgrade your hotel service, make an emergency fund, or make a significant purchase. You can even track

Access to Report

Access thorough reports and perceptive analytics to understand your spending patterns better. Make data-driven decisions through trend-analyzing, spotting areas for development, and finding possibilities. Track important metrics with Booking Master's account manager software to rapidly identify the transactions yet to close and those that should be given less priority. Utilise insights from your CRM to tailor the hotel sales.

What Benefits does our Cloud Based Account Management System offer?

The cloud-based account management system comes with multiple benefits for hotel owners. Some of these are-

Data security:

Our account manager system is completely secured, allowing financial records to be safe in our software. We employ updated encryption techniques and authentication layers to protect sensitive information.

Mobile App:

Use our mobile app to stay in touch with your finances wherever you are. From anywhere, at any time, you can manage your accounts, keep track of transactions, and get real-time updates.

Streamline sales procedures:

Automate administrative activities to free up time to cultivate relationships.

Manage Multiple accounts:

Keep all your account information organized and up to date. Hotels executives can also access these accounts easily.

Track useful information: Optimize your account management and sales procedures by making sense of the numbers.

Bring Financial Change with Online Account Management Software

Booking Master offers well-optimized and user-friendly online account management software that will help you take complete control over hotel accounts and forecast hotel revenue. Invest in our account management system today.
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